Harry Potter Studios Tour London | PHOTOS

Here are a few photos I took during my time with my dear friend Asami at the Harry Potter studios tour in London last month! We both had a dream come true that day. I also filmed during the entire tour, the video is up on my Youtube channel  here or on my blog here. The video is longer than I had expected but I guess 16 minutes for 4 hours of exploring is not that bad (the tour needs at least 2 and half hours if you go fast)!
I hope I can share a little of magic with you through this video and these photos if you are a Harry Potter fan. Also, I could truly realize how much work and details are put into each second of the films. The staff explains a lot during the tour as you go and told us the studios were the everyday workplace of almost all actors during many years. It's a given but it is still kind of crazy to see it like that as you explore, and even more exciting to discover the whole making process. I guess it's already on your bucket list if you're an HP fan but if it's not, I cannot recommend it strongly enough!!

With love,


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