Vanessa / فانيسا

Born and raised in the south of France near the Mediterranean sea, I am a French summer child with hot Arabian blood. A typical Cancerian woman with a bubbly and versatile Gemini moon and perfectionist Virgo rising (no idea what I'm talking about?). 

I have a bachelor degree in English studies and I am a mostly self-taught Japanese speaker and health-conscious gal.

Influenced by my parents' culture, my native country's and Japanese culture since childhood, I like to consider myself a good example of what the world today should be like: a perfectly unperfect mix of cultures and points of view (or what intellects might call globalization?).

After many travels to my childhood fantasy aka the land of the rising sun, I lived in Tokyo for a year in 2013/2014 where I worked as an English/French private teacher, fashion journalist and translator, and also had the opportunity to work a few times for TV (see "works for TV" section for more details). 

I'm fond of various traditional cultures around the world and any form of art which is a great inspiration to me, as well as fashion in general and beauty. 

I'm on a constant learning-journey about health and nutrition, veganism, spirituality, traveling and learning about the world and most importantly, peace & unconditional love.

フランス語や英語の教師、ファッションジャーナリスト、翻訳者等やっていました。英語とフランス語で原宿ファッションを紹介する番組でテレビ撮影にも参加させて頂きました(詳細は「works for TV」をご覧ください)。



☾ Travels to Japan - 日本旅行 :
2010 June : Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe
2012 July : Tokyo
2013 to 2014 (1 year) : Tokyo (+ trip to Aomori, photos)
2015 August-September : Ise, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo
2016 April-May : Tokyo area (Tokyo, Mt Takao, Zushi, Hayama, etc) 
2017 February-March-April  : Osaka (photos), Nara, internship in Kyoto, Kinosaki Onsen

☾ Other travels :

2005 - Italia, Roma & Napoli
2015 (Jul, Aug) - Morocco (photos)
2016 (Sep) - France, Toulouse
2016 (Oct) - France, Paris @ Veggie World (video + haul achats)
2016 (Nov) - Spain, Barcelona (video + photos + vegan eats)
2016 (Nov) - France, Paris (video)

2017 (Apr) - Seoul, South Korea (video)
2017 (June) - London, England (Harry Potter Studios Tour video + Camden town vlog)

Where will my next adventures lead me?

Henna tattoo on my hands, Morocco, Summer 2015


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